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Application for creative programs designed to assist those in need in completing the necessary education essential for a fulfilling life.
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The week of June 26, 2023
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July 31, 2023

These $500 to $1,500 grants are for any age group -- prenatal to adult.  They are for both prevention and assistance programs.  

We appreciate concise responses.  Please answer the following questions in the order presented:

1.   What is the name, mailing address and website address of the organization?

2.   What is the 501c3 number?  When did you receive this non-profit status?

3.   What is the Mission Statement?  What is the Value Statement?

4.   Who is on your board?  Who is the Executive Director and what is their tenure with this organization?

5.   For which program will this grant be utilized?  Is this a prevention or assistance program?  How so?

6.   How will this program assist those in need in completing the necessary education for a fulfilling life?

7.   What is the total budget of the program?  Our grants are between $500 and $1,500.  For what amount are you applying?  How would these         funds be utilized in forwarding the program?

8.   From what other sources do you receive funding for this program?

9.   Is this an exploratory program or an existing program?  How long has this program been offered by your organization?

10. Do you collaborate with other organizations for furthering or improving the ways in which this program affects your region?  How so?

11. In what previous year(s) have you applied for a Louis and Mary Haddad Foundation Grant?  For what program(s) did you apply?  Did you             receive the grant(s)?

12. If you've received our grant in the past, please tell us about it. 

13. What percentage of the grant will go directly to the proposed program?  Would any of this grant be used for operating expenses?

14. Who should we contact with any questions regarding this Grant Application?  Is it best for us to call or email them?


If you have any questions, contact Mary C. Haddad at

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