Six $500 to $1,000 2021 Educational Programs for At-risk Students

Application due to
On or Before June 30, 2021
Award Notifications
On or Before July 31, 2021

These grants are for educational programs for at-risk students of any age group.  In the past, among other things, we've helped with programs for children of incarcerated parents, arts and theater organizations who work with at-risk youth, young men who need direction and purpose, health care of parents with school-age children, American Indian children living on a reservation, students with learning differences, and students with severe learning disabilities. We are open to helping with existing programs, not programs that are created solely for this grant.  How can the influx of $500 to $1,000 help your organization achieve existing goals?

This Grant Application is designed to be simple.  On questions which require 500 words or less in the response, do not feel you need to write 500 words.  Only use the words you need to answer the questions fully.  Please answer the following questions:

1.   What is the name, mailing address and website address (if any) of the organization?

2.   What is the 501c3 number?

3.   What is the Mission Statement?

4.   Who is on your board and who are your officers?

5.   How to you work to accomplish this Mission Statement (500 words or less)?

6.   How many dollars are you applying for ($500 to $1,000)?

7.   How would these dollars be utilized (500 words or less)?

8.   How do you measure success for the program to which these dollars will be applied (500 words or less)?

9.   We require a report of how these funds have helped your organization in January 2021.  Will that work for you?  If you are a previous recipient, include a copy of the report you sent us in January.

10. Is there any additional information you care to share about this program (500 words or less)?

11. Has your organization received a grant from the Louis & Mary Haddad Foundation in the past?  Again, if you are a previous recipient, include a copy of the report you sent us in January.

12.  If you are a previous recipient, you are eligible to apply for this year's funds to be applied to your needs in a different way.  You may apply for this $500 to $1,000 to help offset unexpected expenses incurred due to the effects of COVID 19 on your organization.  If this is the case, please submit in 500 words or less how you will use these funds to offset this unexpected expense.  

Thank you for taking time to complete this Grant Application.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mary Haddad at the above email address.  We wish you the best in your endeavors.