Two $5,000 Early Childhood Education Grants

Two $5,000 2021 Non-Arts Early Childhood Education Grants
Application due to
On or Before June 30, 2021
Award Notifications
On or Before July 31, 2021


There's an old story of a person standing by a river who suddenly sees human beings of all ages struggling to survive and washing downstream in the water.  Some of these people are already drowned and others are making for shore.  This person standing by the river has an option to pull people out of the water one by one, knowing that not all can be saved. Or, this person could walk upstream and find the broken bridge where people are falling in to help to fix the bridge. This is the age-old controversy between assistance to those already caught in a failing system or prevention and working to fix the system.  


Since it's inception in 1999, the Louis & Mary Haddad Foundation has held steady in making education the primary means of helping improve the quality of lives of others.  In recent years, we focused on education after secondary school.  We established scholarships for students, with various challenges, who wanted to go on to earn certifications or attend college.  We've been working on pulling human beings out of the river.  Now, we would like to do what we can to help repair the bridge.  In doing that, we are focusing on Early Childhood Education.

The two $5,000 grants are offered to assist organizations focused on ages birth through kindergarten.  In applying for the grant, please respond to the following:

1.  What is the name, mailing address, and website address (if any) of the organization?

2.  Are you a Non-profit?  What is your 501(c)(3) identification number?

3.  How long has your organization been focused on Early Childhood Education?

4.  What is your Mission Statement?

5.  Who is on your board?

6.  How have you worked toward assisting Early Childhood Education?  What is your focus?  (500 words or less)

7.  What are your long- and short-term goals?  (500 words or less)

8.  What research has your organization done to design these goals? (500 words or less)

9.  How would a grant of $5,000 help you with your existing Early Childhood Education goals? (500 words or less)

10. What methods are used to monitor improvement and steps to reaching your goals?  (500 words or less)

11. We require a report regarding how the $5,000 has helped your organization this coming January.  (If you are a previous recipient, please include a copy of the report you sent this past January.)  Does this report schedule work for you?

12. Has your organization received a grant from the Louis and Mary Haddad Foundation in the past?  Again, if so, please send a copy of the report regarding how this $5,000 helped your organization in the previous year.

13.  If your organization received a grant from the Louis and Mary Haddad Foundation in the past, you are eligible to apply for this year's funds to be applied to your needs in a different way.  You may apply for this $5,000 to help offset unexpected expenses incurred because of COVID 19 on your organization.  If this is the case, please submit in 500 words or less how you will use these funds to offset this unexpected expense.  

As you prepare your application, you are welcome to contact Mary Haddad at the above email address with any clarification questions.  

Please understand that we will only be awarding two $5,000 grants this year.  We are looking for organizations who are expert in the field, and for whom the $5,000 will have some impact on pre-existing goals.  We do not want people to create programs for these funds that didn't exist already.